A Breath of Fresh Air

With temperatures where we live being consistently around 100* the past month, and 115* the past few days, it was high time for a trip to the mountains.  This past week, family visited us as they were driving through Utah.  One of their questions was, “Why Utah?”  This is part of my “Why”:


We found this ant on a log — looked like he was carrying a fellow ant’s decapitated head. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen an ant before with yellow hairs on its backside!


On our way home we stopped several places along the way. This area had just gotten some rain, and there were little droplets on this tiny flower.


This babbling brook was so clear and ice cold.



Navajo Lake, which was formed by a lava flow which dammed a creek on the plateau.


Our little photographer did a great job taking this pic — we didn’t add any carvings to the Aspen! 🙂

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