Air-Dry Clothes In a Hurry with this Laundry Hack

Have you ever found yourself stuck with a stack of wet clothes that are needed for the next morning – but no clothes dryer?

No? Ha! I may be the only person with this problem, but *just* in case your dryer breaks down or you decide to pursue mold avoidance in a hotel, this could come in handy one day.

Since we’ve been hand washing and line drying most of our clothing and linens, I’m often racing the clock to get clothes washed and dried so they can be worn the next morning. This tip speeds up the hanging time needed to dry our clothes, and it’s very simple!

Here’s how to make your clothes line dry faster:

Lay a towel on the floor and fold it in half.

Lay flat the wet clothing articles.
Roll the towel into a “burrito”…
…and walk your knees across it a few times to squeeze water out of the clothes and into the towel.
Now the towel is soaked and the clothes are not!
Hang your clothes to dry, and you’ve drastically reduced your drying time!
Do you have any other tips for making washing clothes by hand easier?
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