Thankful Thursday: A Decade of Love, Loss, and Learning

We were two dreamy-eyed kids, ready to take on the world.  He’d just finished his first year of graduate school and I’d just celebrated my 20th birthday a few months before our wedding.

I now understand, to a greater degree, the wistful sighs of the older married women as they attend bridal showers and weddings.  The youthfully energetic and hopelessly in love couple brings back special memories of days gone by.

“These are the best days of your life,” said one of my “older lady” friends to me shortly before my wedding.  “Those years of early marriage and raising my children were such good times. You don’t really know how good you have it until it’s over.

Be Aware of Ticks!

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May is Lyme Disease Awareness month.  A lot of headway has been made in recent years to educate the public about the potential dangers of this vector-borne illness.  The CDC estimates that up to 300,000 people contract Lyme per year, but healthcare professionals who are well-acquainted with the disease think this number to be quite conservative.

The bacteria that was originally found to cause “tick fever” was identified by Dr. Bergdorfer in 1982.  Although the “epidemic” began in 1975, it wasn’t until several years later that Dr. Bergdorfer was “performing tick surgery” in his lab in Hamilton, Montana when he found that the dog ticks from Connecticut contained a spirochete bacteria.  Children in Lyme, Connecticut were coming down with what was initially mis-diagnosed as “juvenile arthritis”.  This sudden onset of symptoms included fevers, swollen joints and sometimes more serious symptoms that resulted in becoming house- or bed-bound.  It soon became apparent that there was a cluster of the disease in the immediate area of Lyme, which warranted a closer investigation.

Lemongrass Spa – Review and Fundraiser

A sweet friend, Mary, has put together a fundraiser through Lemongrass Spa in our son Jotham’s honor.  If you’d like to place an order through Jotham’s fundraiser, you can follow any of the product links below, or go to Mary’s website to select his “party” from her open orders. His fundraiser goes through Sunday, May 6th.


Jotham has had more than his fair share of health struggles the past 6 months. With complicated health comes the need for special doctors, and things get expensive very quickly.


Visits to specialists require hours of travel to get there, parking fees, lodging for a night or two and perhaps a stay in the hospital. I can’t seem to find any coupons online for these excursions. 😉


Since the skin is our largest organ, I try to only use products that are made from ingredients I would put in my mouth. I’m very excited to see Lemongrass Spa making simple, natural products with quality ingredients!


Mary gave me a few samples and a catalog to orient myself to the company. Every product I’ve tried is similar to something I could make, and I love that.


There are seasons when I have time to throw together a batch of deodorant, or whip up some body cream, but there are also times I can’t add anything else to the load. Right now my time is limited, and I like having products I can fall back on that are as good as homemade!


We try to stick to unscented products due to sensitivities we’ve had in the past, and I think there’s a good selection to choose from without added oils or fragrances!


I’ve written down a few thoughts to share with you about each product I’ve been able to try.