Books We Recommend

This was one of the first books that I bought as we were discovering mold in our house. I was thrilled that it was an E-Book so I had instant access to the information that I needed. -Rebekah
Most mold-affected people who have gotten sick from their exposure have found that a certain level of mold avoidance is necessary to recover. This book by Lisa and Erik is really helpful with understanding mold toxin exposures and how to strictly avoid them to allow immune system recovery.

Products We Use

Although we have attempted to follow the strictest guidelines for mold avoidance, sometimes cross-contamination happens. This cleaner has proven to be invaluable and in some cases has helped stop immediate reactions to objects that have picked up mold toxins. It works great as a non-toxic household cleaner, too!
Like the EC3 cleaner, we have found this laundry additive to be helpful in maintaining our clothing due to cross-contamination and personal detox. We tried, unsuccessfully, to keep our clothes from our moldy home by washing them multiple times in this solution. Although that strategy does work for some people, with our sensitivities we were not successful and we use this as a maintenance.
The Royal Berkey works great for our family of 3. We use filtered water to cook with as well as drink, and it's the perfect size for us. Previously we had the Big Berkey and found it to be too small for our needs. This specific model has two charcoal filters and two arsenic/fluoride filters. It fits up to 4 of each filter for faster flow rates. -Rebekah
No filter is perfect, but we have been happy with this Aquasauna shower head filter. The water is noticeably cleaner and doesn't smell like chlorine when it comes out of this shower head compared to taking a shower without it. We even use it for baths, and run the bath from the shower head. -Rebekah
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