Mold Sabbatical – Day 2

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Wednesday, May 24th –
We all slept until my alarm went off, and then we did our final stage of “decontamination.” We changed out of the clothes and shoes we’d used in our vehicles/living environment in the Midwest, showered, and then put on the new clothes and shoes we’d packed for the day.

Breakfast went until 10 AM, so we barely made it down in time to grab some cereal, and then told the girl at the front desk that we’d like to take the shuttle to the airport rental car location. I had several packages with new car seats waiting for us at the hotel, and the clerk offered to get them unboxed for me while I got our luggage down to the shuttle.

The shuttle driver was very kind and went out if his way to help with our luggage once we got to the rental location (with the added car seats, it was too much for me to handle myself). Micah had a standard car reserved, and I asked about upgrading to a minivan. It was only about $100 more, so I asked to look at them. They let me look through all the vans they had, smelling them to my heart’s content, and i chose the one that seemed the best to my nose. It smells very strongly (off-gassing/new smell), but they all did. We drive around with the air conditioning going and the windows open when we’re not on the highway, and that lessens the fumes..

We stopped at a Whole Foods before leaving Las Vegas (for lunch, water, and snacks), and arrived at our destination in Utah by 7 PM that evening. My sister had received an order of oxygen tanks for Jotham earlier that day, so we picked those up, let the cousins play for a while, and then headed to our hotel I had booked for the night.

The hotel was a Wingate with high reviews, but every room they showed me had mold and smelled off. I just picked one, bagged up our necessities we needed overnight to protect them, and we slept in our second allergy-inducing hotel in a row.


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