Mold Sabbatical – Day 4

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Friday, May 25th –

Parks are our favorite places, and Elliot has been showing Chloe and Toby many of the cool ones he frequents. On Friday, we met at a park that had many aspects designed to be accessible, and lots of unique play equipment.

Several hours later, and with a bonus of some sunburn, I took the kids to Target to purchase the things we needed that we purposefully left behind (baby blankets, notebooks, diapers, wipes, etc). We got some Amy’s meals to heat up in the hotel microwave for supper, and after 2 potty breaks and a very full cart, my sister and BIL showed up to help check out and get our stuff to our hotel.

Jotham had a very good day on Friday, and was energetic and bubbly – a big change from the past few months in Illinois. He also wanted to eat all day long!

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