Mold Sabbatical – Days 10-11

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Wednesday, May 31st –

I’ve been dragging a bit the past couple days. I stayed up late a couple nights ago, arranging details for our next Airbnb reservation. Since then, I’ve felt like I need a nap by 10 AM. Jotham’s energy levels have been up and down, and the place we are staying has a lot of chemical exposure that appears to be a factor.

The owner of the cottage we’re moving into to try this weekend contacted me, and asked if we wanted all the soaps and throw pillows put away (due to the fragrances in the soaps and residual Febreeze on the pillows). She has been so kind and is going above and beyond! I normally have to wrap fragranced items in foil, then bag them to contain the smell – but even that isn’t foolproof.

Thursday, June 1st –

I’ve been very encouraged by the progress that’s been made over these past 10 days with Jotham’s food sensitivities. He is now able to eat almost everything again! Chicken, beef, sunflower oil, and certain vegetables were hive-inducing allergens, but as of yesterday, he’s back to eating all of them!

He constantly had a rash of some sort before we arrived in Vegas last week, but that has improved by leaps and bounds. The last time he had something that looks similar to “heat rash” was the end of last week. There was also a rash he would get when exposed to clothing or linens that had been washed in a washing machine that he hasn’t gotten since we’ve been here – even with all the hotel linens and air fresheners. Hives have been non-existent, and the last hives episode he had was the night before we left Illinois.


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