Mold Sabbatical – Days 12-14

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Friday, June 2nd –

We met the shuttle from Vegas very late on Friday night to pick up Micah and bring him back to the casita. He had carefully packed brand new clothes to change into before getting in the van, and I brought water to wash his hair and decontaminate as much as possible in the parking lot. We enclosed his backpack, shoes, and clothes he changed out of in garbage bags, but as soon as he got in the van I still reacted to him. I tried not to think about it and when we got to the casita, he showered right away, and I didn’t react to him again.

Saturday, June 3rd –

We had a busy day. We packed up and moved from the casita to the cottage in the morning, but didn’t unload much since we could tell right away that the cottage wasn’t going to work long term.

The cottage was booked through Airbnb, and the host graciously gave us the monthly rate for a little less than a month’s reservation. We arranged to stay for 2 nights to decide if it would work for us, but it ended up being an expensive trial since we had to cancel the monthly rate and pay the nightly rate with all the fees.

We took the afternoon to enjoy our time with Micah, and went up north to a state park to do a little sight-seeing. We checked out one of the campgrounds to see if there were any sites with shade (and there were a few trees), and then Micah took Chloe and Toby on a short hike to a slot canyon where they spent a few minutes putting their feet in the cool sand in the shade of the rock surrounding them. Then we met up with my sister’s family at a park for a bit, and had a leisurely evening.

Sunday, June 4th –

Sunday morning we left for Vegas to switch rental vehicles and get Micah to the airport. We ended up being able to keep the minivan we’ve been using for $20/day less than the exorbitant amount we’d been paying. That made it much less stressful since we didn’t have to pick a new vehicle and switch all our stuff.

After a sad goodbye, I stopped by Whole Foods for a few things, and we drove the 2 hours back North, through Arizona and into Utah, to the second night at our little cottage. Tomorrow night we don’t have any reservations for a place to sleep. We may end up camping.


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