Mold Sabbatical – Days 15-22

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Monday, June 5th – Tuesday, June 13th –

This past week we’ve seen so much improvement in Jotham! In a matter of days he has almost returned to where he was in December before declining considerably.

We believe several environmental triggers in places we’ve lived (mold, mycotoxins, VOCs, etc), caused his body to become so toxic it couldn’t keep up with detoxing. As a result, he became lethargic, low-energy, and regressed in speech and physical abilities.

On June 5th, I went shopping with the kids for a tent and some camping gear. We set up a camp site at Snow Canyon State Park in southern Utah, where the air is very clean. Jotham started perking up and having more energy after a couple night of camping, and by day 4 he was excited to be alive once again!

Jotham hadn’t smiled at me for months, and was smiling again after a few nights in clean air. He quickly became interested in what was going on around him, started reaching for things he wanted, played peek-a-boo by covering his face with his arm, and waved at people again. I’ve also heard some babbling, though only once or twice (he used to say “mama,” “dada,” “hi,” and lots of jibber jabber, but it became only squeaks and squeals and an occasional “hi”).

(All of these development milestones had been reached by December of last year. At that time, we were unaware how common indoor building materials and molds could be so toxic to his body, and as we moved from one temporary housing situation to the next, we began to understand more and more about what he was reacting to).

Four days after beginning our camping experiment, we started a very gentle therapy to help support the body and encourage its detoxification pathways to function efficiently. Jotham showed marked progress in his posture and ability to sit up after this therapy began, and his general vitality increased exponentially. We are thrilled with what is happening, and hope we can return to the Midwest and not lose ground.

Tuesday night, the 13th, Jotham had a prolonged anaphylactic reaction that caused a lot of lost sleep for me and my sister and BIL. We believe there were several factors at play, including some toxic exposures to herbicides and pesticides at a park where the reaction started.



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