No Campfire? No Problem! Banana Boats in the Toaster Oven

This week we tried a new treat – banana boats – in a toaster oven! This yummy treat consists of chocolate and marshmallows, melted inside a banana that’s been split in half.

Normally these are made in a campfire, nestled among the coals until the marshmallows and chocolate are melted into yummy goodness. Since we don’t have a campfire, the toaster oven did the job very well, and was less mess in the long run.

Only three ingredients are needed: marshmallows, chocolate, and bananas.

I crunched up some foil to support a banana. Then I sliced it in half, end to end, without cutting through the skin on the other side.

The kids added their fillings…

…and then we toasted the banana in the toaster oven until the chocolate was melted and the marshmallows were golden brown.

It’s a fun, quick dessert for camping, backyard picnicking, or anytime!

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  • Kimberly Graf 10 months ago Reply

    Looks delicious!

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