Thankful Thursday

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Living in a world where it seems like there are so many things going “wrong” can make it easy to constantly focus on the negative.  Hurricanes, fires, countries threatening war: on a global scale, things are a mess.  And life at home isn’t always peachy either.  Chronic illness, financial woes, and varying degrees of personal devastation can make it hard to remember that there still is good in life for which to be thankful!

Meet My Friend, Linny

A blog friend of mine (Linny Saunders) who I have followed for 7 years is no stranger to hardships.  She and her husband have served in full-time ministry, adopted 11 children (also had 3 biologically), and have seen the Lord provide over and over as they have prayed, fasted, and trusted Him.

But their triumphs haven’t been without tragedy. 

Their house and all its contents burnt to the ground as they barely escaped with their lives.  Linny’s husband Dwight was in a terrible car accident, totaling their vehicle.  Their daughter, Autumn, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and her boyfriend (now husband), Karl, was in a bad motorcycle accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury.  Linny has spent countless days in the hospital with their children who have special needs.  Not to mention, Linny has dealt with health issues herself, even having to get around in a wheelchair periodically in the past!

Persevering Faith

Despite these hard times, Linny has steadfastly trusted in the Lord, drawing her strength and guidance from Him.  She has chosen to have a positive spirit through the hard times, knowing that God knows what He’s doing.  Her faith has moved mountains in the lives of her family.

Linny talks a lot about the ways that God has worked in their little Ruby’s life, even when doctors said, “Don’t bother with her. Forget her – she’ll never do anything.”  God has repeatedly proven their predictions to be untrue, much to the Saunders family’s delight!  Linny has written a book available on Amazon that tells Ruby’s amazing story.

When their son-in-law Karl’s motorcycle accident happened, Linny rallied prayer warriors and I was privileged to be involved in the army of people praying around the clock for his recovery.

Dwight and Linny’s daughter, Emma, has moved to Uganda (Ruby’s birthplace), where she started The Gem Foundation, caring for sweet special needs children with her husband.  She has made an amazing difference in these vulnerable kids’ lives.  Children with special needs are outcasts and often abused in the Ugandan culture.

A Heart of Gratitude

One thing that I love about Linny is her heart of gratitude.  For years, she has tangibly memorialized great things that God has done for them, by putting together a “memorial box”.  In this memorial box, she saves little mementos to remind herself and her family of God’s love and care for them.  She has shared her grateful heart on her blog through her “Memorial Box” blog posts.

Linny has inspired me, and I thought it would be a great addition to our blog to highlight God’s provisions and blessings in our lives.  Life is so hard, but God has given us so many things to be grateful for.

Stay tuned as we highlight stories of God’s goodness through “Thankful Thursdays”! 🙂


  1. Faith is a very important part of life. Without Faith or Hope we have nothing to look forward to. They are truly the driving force to let us continue on, Faith is having trust that God will help us get through. Although we all have different circumstances, he will see us through them. Thanks for this post.


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