About Us

We are sisters, wives, moms, and motivational speakers. (Okay, our largest audience is usually our kids and smallest audience is speaking to our own brains, but hey that counts, right?)

We write to give hope to fellow warriors, sharing what we’ve learned and inspiring others to live healthy and resilient lives.

This path of resilience was one that we arrived at separately, although there were some similar circumstances that merged our paths.

In 2012, Rebekah was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and eventually realized that environmental toxicity exposures (including mold) played a vital role in her health challenges.

Sarah had her third child in late 2015, and he was born with spina bifida.  It didn’t take long for Sarah to realize that their family was also very affected by mold in their home and other toxic environmental exposures.

It is through these life experiences that we have learned so much (and continue to learn), and desire to share that knowledge with others.

We firmly believe that there is purpose in every challenge we face, and we believe that’s true in your life too!

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Contributing Authors


I’m married to my handsome hubby, Micah. We live in the Midwest, and have three babies: Chloe, Toby, and Jotham. Jotham was born with Spina Bifida, and he has opened up a whole new world to us as special needs parents.

Our lives have been complicated by mold exposure and we’ve become sensitive to much of the world around us. We’ve been learning how to function in a world filled with mold and toxic chemicals, and continue to battle symptoms in our healing journey.

I’m a child of the King, and through hard and raw challenges, Jesus continues to show me that He is enough. God has not given me the life I expected, and he is using that to grow and change me. I am able to live with resilience only because of him and his work in me!


Hi! I’m a wellness advocate, writer, stay-at-home mom, and wife on a mission to provide people with the advice and tools they need to lead happier, healthier lives.

Throughout the years, I’ve had my own health setbacks (including illnesses caused by mold exposure in my previous home). That motivated me to research all things health extensively for a good six years. I also worked in geriatric care for nearly a decade.

Eating healthy is one of my biggest passions, but I also enjoy tending to my garden and being in the great outdoors just as much. I even love capturing the beauty of God’s creation through a camera lens. Beyond all that, it’s being a mom that truly gives me inspiration to face each day with resilience. Motherhood is one of the most precious gifts God has given me, and I am grateful.

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